The 10 Best (and 3 Worst) Features in Excel 2013

Author: David H. Ringstrom

CPE Credit:  1 hour for CPAs

In this presentation Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA focuses on the 10 best, and 3 worst, new features in Excel 2013. This presentation focuses on new features that don't exist in previous versions of Excel. Learn how to take advantage of new capabilities if you're already using Excel 2013, or determine if you should move from an earlier version to the latest version. There are many other new features in Excel 2013, so for this presentation David chose the 10 best (and 3 worst) features that most Excel users will find helpful (or dislike).

Publication Date: January 2015

Designed For
Practictioners using Excel 2013 or considering upgrading to Excel 2013.

Topics Covered

  • Color-coded worksheet cells make auditing and writing formulas far easier.
  • The IFNA function offers far better control over VLOOKUP and other functions than IFERROR.
  • The FORMULATEXT function allows you to display formulas that reside in other worksheet cells.
  • Recommended Charts gives everyone a jump start on displaying Excel data visually.
  • An overhaul of charting features makes creating and formatting charts far easier than in past versions of Excel.
  • Recommended Pivot Tables democratizes an easy to use reporting feature that often intimidates Excel users.
  • The Timeline feature lets you quickly filter a pivot table based on any level of date range that you specify.
  • The Slicers feature introduced in Excel 2010 has been extended now work with both Tables and Pivot Tables.
  • The Flash Fill feature saves you from inadvertent and tedious rekeying exercises in Excel.
  • Learn how to disable worksheet animation in Excel 2013.
  • Enable faster access to the Open and Save As windows by disabling the Backstage view associated with the Ctrl-O and Ctrl-S keyboard shortcuts.
  • Discover how to avoid accidentally closing Excel when you close one document and wish to open another.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the Recommended Pivot Tables and Recommended Charts features for easier data visualizations
  • Recall how to disable worksheet animation and other annoying aspects of Excel 2013
  • Identify how to use the IFNA and FORMULATEXT worksheet functions.


Instructional Method

NASBA Field of Study
Computer Software & Applications (1 hour)

Program Prerequisites

Advance Preparation

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